CT QALite – Access Violation Error

Instructions to correct Windows 7  Access violation error on startup of CT QALite V3.0 – V3.1


NMToolKit – RSR NEMA Test

An instructional video is available for  filling the capillary tubes used for the three point sources with the Reconstructed Spatial Resolution NEMA test.

NMToolKit (1.3.5)

Below we have provided a preliminary set of reference values for the SPECT uniformity Analysis available in the NMToolKit Analysis application.  Based on the ACR protocol Jaszczak Data Spectrum phantom acquisition and analysis; 32 million counts (270K counts per view), 128 matrix, 120 views, zoom factor for pixel size of approximately 3.3 mm, FBP reconstruction using a Butterworth 0.55 order and 6 cutoff, attenuation correction with 0.095 cm-1 , composite image using 6 slices.

Reference values based on 12 images without visual artifacts and fractional uniformity values of 1.0 for both vertical and horizontal.  The Upper limit is the mean +2 SD.

Parameter Mean S.D. Upper limit
Central Value 2247 210 2667
Rms% 9.0% 0.65 10.3%
Integral Uniformity 20.2% 1.6 23%
Uniformity Index 27.8 2.8 33%
CTAuto QALite V3.1.01 (Release 1d)

1024×1024 Matrix Data processing is supported. Image folders with a mix of different matricies is not supported.

Image Selection Issue

AnalyzeSelect Phantom Image the phantom study information is displayed on the left side of the DICOM directory screen but there are no image files available for selection on the right. This occurs when the DICOM tag (0008,0080) ‘Institution’ field is blank and the user defined ‘Facility Name’ is blank (as indicated with no text displayed to the right of the IrisQA logo at the top of the QALite application screen). When the DICOM Institution field is blank QALite will substitute the user defined ‘Facility Name’ for the Facility field on the DICOM directory screen. To resolve this issue the user needs to click on the Exit button, select OptionsEnter Facility Name and enter facility name or some type of label. The user can now return to AnalyzeSelect Phantom Images and select images for processing.

Catphan 600 and 700 model phantoms

The software is configured for use of the available water samples. If water is not used in the 600 model phantom the CT linearity test will indicate that the water value is out of the expected range. Fill the water vial and return it to the top location to avoid this result. In the case of the 700 model phantom the water measurement will only be reported if the sample vial is filled otherwise the water measurement will not be reported.

Scanning requirement for the Catphan 700

The only patient orientation scan mode supported is Head-First-Supine (HFS). Not supported is Head-first-prone (HFP), Feet-first-supine (FFS), Feet-first-prone (FFP) orientation modes. Processing data from these phantom orientations will result in errors that incorrectly locate targets used for MTF, CT linearity, slice width measurements.

Deactivating Registration to Move License

To Deactivate Registration when moving a license for one system to another click on the Register QALite desktop icon or can be found in IrisQA/QALite program group. If not found then double click on the C:Program Files x86)IrisQAIrisqa Reportsregister.exe program file for the registration application. Select QALite (or IrisQA for versions prior to V3.1.01 ) from the product drop down list then hit the tab key to move cursor to the First Name field. The screen should then self-populate (whick may take up to 15 seconds). Click on the Deactivate Registration button. Then click Close after successful deactivation.

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