ACR SPECT/PET Phantom Cradle

Part No. NMTK-03
The ACR SPECT/PET QC  phantom cradle supports the Data Spectrum SPECT/PET flangeless phantom and other cylindrical phantoms. Constructed with a low density foam which supports a phantom 20 cm diameter by 25 cm long. Simplifies positioning, transporting and storing phantoms. Enables minimal scanning radius with non-circular orbits for SPECT QC testing.

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Multi-purpose Phantom Cradle

Part No. NMTK-04
This multi use phantom cradle supports cylindrical QC phantoms for table top scanning. Can be used with the 16cm CTDI dosimetry phantom. The phantom cradle is constructed with a low density foam and supports a 16-21 cm diameter phantom. The holder is 30 cm long but the phantom length can exceed 30 cm. This cradle can be used as a less expensive alternative holder for the ACR CT accreditation phantom.

Physicist Testimonial “I tested this holder on scans of ACR CT phantom, ACR PET phantom and Philips 20 x 30 cm water cylinder phantom, without any doubt it worked great, only took me less than 1 minute to play with the position and alignment. I love this baby!”

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Body CTDI Phantom Cradle

Part No. NMTK-05
The Body CTDI phantom cradle supports the 32 cm CTDI dosimetry phantom.

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Flanged Phantom Cradle

Part No. NMTK-06
The Flanged Cradle supports all Data Spectrum 20 cm ECT and PET flanged phantoms.

Part No. NMTK-07
The Flanged/Flangeless Cradle designed exclusively for GE’s Ventri and Discovery NM530c patient pallet.

Please contact IrisQA or your dealer if interested in purchasing these phantom cradles.

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