NMToolKit ™

Complete Hardware and Software Testing Kit for Nuclear Medicine Gamma Cameras
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NMToolKit™ is designed to be a convenient transportable kit to support the measurement
and reporting of gamma camera performance parameters set by NEMA (NU-1 2012).

• Compact case with external storage pouch and shoulder strap
• Custom fitted individual foam protects and secures all hardware components
• Precision machined components of high impact polycarbonate

Hardware fixtures packaged with analysis software for the following tests:

• System Spatial Resolution – SSR (Fig. 1)
• Reconstructed Spatial Resolution without scatter and System Alignment – RSR (Fig. 2)
• Multiple Window Spatial Registration with one tungsten holder, additional holders optional (Fig. 3 )
• SSR and RSR test fixtures can be purchased separately. To purchase contact your dealer or IrisQA.

Industry leading QA Analysis Software for the following phantoms:

Data Spectrum SPECT(Jaszczak ) phantom*
• Phantom Laboratory ECTPhan with triple line source inserts and point source inserts.
• NEMA resolution and linearity Slit phantoms*

Additional software features include:

• NEMA Image Uniformity analysis
• Database support for all measurements
• System Summary reports available in PDF and Excel compatible formats

* Phantoms not included in Kit.

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Contact your dealer for pricing information or contact us at info@Irisqa.com