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Phantom Cradles

A range of phantom cradles for
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NMToolKit ™

Our Complete Hardware and Software
Tool Kit for Gamma Cameras


Newly QALite v3.1.5.8, supports Catphan 604 Catphan 605 and CBCT Angiography (XA) Images!

  • CT Auto QALite  supports the automated analysis of the Catphan 500, 503 504, 600, 604, 605 and 700 phantoms used for diagnostic and therapy CT, on board imaging systems (OBI) or Cone beam (CBCT) devices.
  • NMToolKit Analysis our NEMA NU-1 2012 compliant software for gamma camera supports many NEMA tests for the Performance Measurements of Gamma Cameras.  In addition  SPECT/ECT phantoms from Data Spectrum and The Phantom Laboratory are supported by the NMToolKit Analysis.
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