Our Automated CT QA Software

Phantom Cradles

A range of phantom cradles for
a variety of scanning needs

NMToolKit ™

Our Complete Hardware and Software
Tool Kit for Gamma Cameras


  • New CT Auto QALite v3.1.5.9 supports the automated analysis of the Catphan phantoms used for diagnostic and therapy CT, on board imaging systems (OBI) or Cone beam (CBCT) devices.
  • QALite 3.1 users please contact IrisQA for download information.
  • New NMTools Analysis v 1.5.18 our NEMA NU-1 2012 compliant software for gamma camera supports many NEMA tests for the Performance Measurements of Gamma Cameras.  System Summary Report now available
    IRISQA is ISO 9001:2008 certified!